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Rosa's beautiful atmosphere

If the wedding ceremony is entirely up to Rosa, then surely the bride and groom will not worry about attending the ceremony and will see that the reception of the guests will be done in the best way.

One of the distinguishing features of the Rosa Garden is its affordable space. The area of ​​the Rasa Garden is located on an island in the middle of a blue pool. This is the island above you looking at the cross section of a guitar. The final watercourse covers the landscape behind the table for filming of films and photographs, and guests are presented with a wedding party among the island with beautiful waterfalls, and even torches with flames between the water.

The Rosa Garden Reception Hall has the latest light and music technology. As with the illumination of this garden, there is little space, and on the contrary, the gardens of the halls, which use angular designs in the interior of the Rosa Wedding, all the walls have benefited from curved lines.


Island space

An island, lobby and dressing room and a service before entering the women's lounge, an independent dining room, two private parking lots, a traditional tea house and an excellent green area, and finally an entertainment room with the most advanced amenities from the Rosa garden features.

At the beginning of the way, guests arrive at the sloped garden for the bride's car, which is of great interest to the bride and groom.

Another important and espiciall decore of the Rosa Garden is the lobby before the hall. The importance of this lobby with a service and dressing room for women is very high.

The distinguishing feature of the Rosa Garden is the marriage space, which is located on an island in the middle of a pool. The island has a guitar at the top of the video. It has a rear view of the wedding table.

Photography and video recording

One of the most important parts of the wedding is photography and photography that commemorates the memorabilia of the wedding party for the bride and groom. The collection of Rosa ceremonies for the convenience of the bride and groom introduces professional photographers who, in addition to shooting, apply all the techniques Editing and editing videos and photos are also familiar.

Reception of guests

Due to the rosa ceremonies, guests are welcomed as best as possible. The presence of experienced and trained staff who behaves respectfully to guests, serves a variety of foods and desserts, hot and cold drinks and ... including Rosa Certified Services for guests.

Music and singer

For better wedding reception, music is also another wedding service. It is the hiring of the best singers, musicians and providing the best and most modern equipment of the world to better celebrate the wedding, including wedding ceremonies.


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