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The Rosa Garden with capacity of 400 people is one of the most beautiful and most engaging wedding gardens.

The Rosa Garden with an area of 8500 square meters has all the facilities to have a garden to hold the ceremony.




Rosa Garden  Capacity



The reception capacity of the guest in the Rosa Garden is 400 people. The Rosa Garden has the best reception facilities for guests under 200 people.

The Rosa Garden has two parking spaces, one inside the garden with a capacity of 80 cars, and the other at a hall with a capacity of 100 cars, which is secured by manpower and  CCTV





Location of the bride and groom's car


At the beginning of the way, the arrival of wedding guests to the Rosa Gardens is a sloping space for the establishment of a bride's car, because experience shows that the bridegroom usually asks the question of where to stand, we have a especially designed place  for brid and groom car park . Of the other Rosa's garden services, it should be noted that a wedding car is often chosen from expensive models, and the bride and groom  can choose their own wedding car. Also the bride's car is decorated according to the bride and groom's taste

Lobby before entering the hall


Perhaps it looks simple, but many  wedding gardens  lack the lobby space before the wedding hall. The importance of this lobby is that it is equipped with a wardrobe and a dressing room for women, which is usually neglected. The presence of a dressing room at the end of the hall causes the arrival of new visitors to the hall to be disturbed. Newly arrived guests are generally unaware of their appearance, which may have spilled up to the gardens, and in order to reach the first safe place that can tidy up their clothes and appearance, most gardens are forced to go through the width of the hall.



Pictures of the Rosa garden



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